Want to Participate?

*This program is no longer active. However, the radio broadcast segments from this program series are available.

Southern Illinois Wonders is currently on hiatus, but the possibility that it might resume in the future remains open.

Anyone who wishes to suggest a potential topic for and/or participate in a possible future iteration of Southern Illinois Wonders is welcome to contact coordinator Matt Meacham at matt.meacham@ilhumanities.org or 312.422.5589.

2014 Radio Segments

Southern Illinois Wonders was broadcast on WSIU 91.9 FM in Carbondale and its affiliates, WUSI 90.3 FM in Olney and WVSI 88.9 FM in Mount Vernon. The programs are available below in streaming audio form. Additionally, the Keep Learning section, which provides contextual information, commentary, and access to online resources about the topics and themes of the programs, remains available below as an educational resource.

Keep Learning

We hope students, teachers, and anyone interested in the topics and themes of the Southern Illinois Wonders broadcasts will find the following educational and informational resources useful:

Program Advisory/Planning Committee