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Grantee Partner Spotlight: Tonika Johnson & Maria Krysan


Folded Map Action Kit (approved April 2020)


Chicago, IL

Image of Tonika Johnson and Maria Krysan
Maria Krysan (left) and Tonika Johnson (right)


Teamwork Englewood is the fiscal agent for the Folded Map project. Founded in 2003, Teamwork Englewood seeks to unite the many organizations serving Englewood residents and work toward the common goal of building a stronger community.


“Folded Map Action Kit” is a do it yourself platform for people to engage with the Folded Map project, which brings residents (Map Twins) from opposite ends of the same street, in different Chicago neighborhoods, to meet and get to know one another, thereby bridging the divides created by segregation. The Kit contains guides to the Rogers Park and Englewood neighborhoods, as well as suggested activities to undertake in one’s own “Twin Neighborhood.” The project team is Maria Krysan, a Professor in the Department of Sociology and senior scholar at the Institute of Government and Public Affairs at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Tonika Johnson, a Photographer and Social Justice Artist and 2017 Chicago Magazine “Chicagoan of the Year.”

Learn more about the project and upcoming events, including a Q&A session with Tonika Johnson and Maria Krysan!

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