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A Road Scholar Program by Mary Fons

The American quilt is an art form that continues to thrive more than 200 years after we gained our independence and began put our distinctive spin on the quilts we knew from the British Isles.

Riots of color and pattern, mind-boggling craftsmanship, humor, pain, love – each quilt tells a story, whether it’s a Log Cabin from 1818 or a modern-day design made from a pattern downloaded from the Internet.

Mary Fons, an accomplished quilter, teacher, writer, and co-host of Love of Quilts on public television, will present a dynamic lecture about the history of the American quilt. It will feature beautiful images of quilts representing a wide variety of styles and traditions and spanning the history of quilting in the United States. It will demonstrate the strength and distinctiveness of American quilting traditions and the reasons why quilting is still going strong today.

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This event is Free and Open to the public. For more information, please contact Barb Peterson at