Past Event

Superheroes and Patriots: Comic Book Propaganda Unveiled

A Road Scholar Program by Brian Russell

Superheroes, from Spider-Man to Superman, have commented on American policies and, in some cases, even shaped American public opinion about them. Though often dismissed as a child occupation, comics have both reflected and influenced American culture and social mores than is usually recognized. In addition, they often promote selected values and social good while at times vilifying certain elements of American culture, such as drug use or nuclear armaments. Regardless of their politics, they have been a consistent and very prevalent source of propaganda over the last century.

As new blockbuster films from the likes of Marvel and DC continue to hit theatres every summer, what messages are the new crop of superheroes promoting, and are today’s audiences discerning enough to spot them?

This event is Free and Open to the public. For more information, please contact Nann Hilyard,