Past Event

Native American Culture Through Oral Traditions, Music, and Food

A Road Scholar Program by Kim Sigafus McIver

Dressed in Native Ojibwa regalia, Kim Sigafus McIver will share her knowledge of various facets of Native culture. She will teach audiences a few words in the Ojibwa language. She will drum and sing, and can prepare Native food for people to try while she discusses the Native Harvest. Her presentations also include storytelling, drawing upon Native oral traditions.

The audience can participate in a drum circle with Kim, while she teaches them a traditional Ojibwa lullaby. If asked, she can also include instruction in making a dream catcher or a talking feather for anyone interested in learning how to make these Native crafts.

The presentation can be tailored for children, adults, or both. Learn more about Kim Sigafus McIver.

This event is Free and Open to the public. For more information, please contact Bruce Harmel at