Past Event

Mr. U. S. Grant: A Man & A Patriot!

A Road Scholar Program by Dan Haughey

MR. U. S. GRANT: A Man & A Patriot! features Dan Haughey (hoy) of the Quad Cities USA/ East Moline, Illinois in a first person, one-act play for 5th grade and up, to include adult-out-of-school audiences, focusing on Grant’s early years and rise to Civil War fame as General of Union Armies in the Western in Theatre, culminating in the Battle of Shiloh. This show is great for parks, libraries, museums, outdoor or indoor settings, any place with good audience viewing. Presentation is approximately 55 minutes. *Scenic PowerPoint slide show accompanies the show. An off-white neutral wall or small screen desirable (slide show enhances the experience but is optional). Please contact us for technical coordination, and/or visit Technical Rider at our website especially if your venue is more than 300 miles from the Quad Cities, Moline, Illinois.

This event is Free and Open to the public. For more information, please contact William Pixley at