Past Event


A Road Scholar Program by Judith Heineman & Dan Marcotte

What really happened after Sleeping Beauty was awakened by the Prince’s kiss? “Happily ever after…” was only relative – and what relatives inhabit these lurid tales!

Listen to the 19th-century tales of the Brothers Grimm as originally intended for adults, transformed through Judith Heineman’s and Dan Marcotte’s 21st-century interpretations. The dramatic retellings are accompanied by music played on the 16th-century Renaissance lute. Some take the form of ballads set to 16th-century French and English tunes.

Bruno Bettleheim, in Uses of Enchantment, discusses the power of fright in children as a necessary and useful survival tool. Listening to narrow escapes in ghost stories and gothic tales strengthens human survival instincts, thus justifying the enjoyment we have always shared in hearing a good scary story.

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This event is Free and Open to the public. For more information, please contact Cathie Ference at