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A Road Scholar Program by Juliet Sorensen

Public corruption is the abuse of public office for private gain.

This presentation examines the causes of corruption, including weak institutions, low government wages, and cultural factors. It also considers the effects of corruption on economic growth and human development. It concludes with an analysis of what is needed to effect change in a culture of corruption.

Corruption saps growth and morale. The qualified job applicant who loses out to the unqualified one on the basis of the latter’s connections, the real estate developer who waits months for a building permit that will bring jobs and revenue to a city while developers who pay bribes in exchange for permits to perform construction that is not in compliance with the building code endanger the public safety – these individuals and many others experience the costs of corruption firsthand.

This issue has a long history in Illinois and is no less relevant today. Thus, Illinoisans could benefit from understanding the conditions that have given rise to a culture of corruption in our state, the significant economic and other costs of corruption, and what they might be able to do toward changing the culture that perpetuates it.

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La definición de la corrupción pública es el abuso de su oficina publica para un beneficio privado. Este programa se enfoque en las causes de la corrupción que incluye instituciones débiles como la policía y los jueces, cultura y política, y salarios bajos para empleados del gobierno. El programa se concluye con un análisis de lo que es necesario para cambiar una cultura de corrupción con éxito.

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