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Art + Value: Laws, Contracts, Definitions

This event will be rescheduled at a later date. Please check with Grace Needlman at for more details.


Image of Corner Chicago from websiteConsider how we can be empowered by legal definitions, explicit expectations, and clear terms of service. Explore what relationships to institutions would look like if everything were more clearly out in the open. Discuss the philosophical and emotional weight of a contract.

If you feel you can speak from experience about “Laws, Contracts, Definitions” we want to hear from you!


This event is part of the Art + Value conversation series and is funded, in part, by an Illinois Humanities Community Grant as part of its Illinois Speaks program. To see other upcoming Illinois Speaks events, visit our events page. Apply here for an Illinois Speaks Community Grant. Learn more about our Community Grants program.

More on Art + Value

Art + Value is a series of conversations brought to you by Corner Chicago and Links Hall that will address different aspects of how artists and artistic labor are valued in Chicago today. We hope to create space for Chicago artists to speak openly about how we are compensated and recognized, and how to feel more able to advocate for our work. Our four topic-focused events (“The Ecology of Artist-run spaces,” “Laws, Contracts, Definitions,” “Art vs. Capitalism,” and “Affective Labor“) will begin with a roundtable followed by open conversation.

If you feel you can speak from experience about any of these four specific topics, we want to hear from you! Please RSVP via email to Fontaine at by Friday November 4th.

For more information, please contact Grace Needlman at