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Honey Pot, Hamilton Wings, and ‘Holler If You Hear Me,’ A Review of our Grants Program

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Since its inception in the 1970s, Illinois Humanities has had a grants program. Unlike then, today we run a number of our own programs – Museum on Main Street, The Odyssey Project, Road Scholars, Envisioning Justice, the Gwendolyn Brooks Youth Poetry Awards, Sojourner Scholars, and others. All have a common thread of enriching people’s lives through access to lifelong learning and the public humanities. Our Community Grants program also persists, with the goal of providing capacity building in order to help nurture the arts, culture and public humanities infrastructure in communities across the state of Illinois. As in all of our programming, a rich network of partners is what makes a growing footprint of active community engagement possible.

This blog post is meant to honor the many partners we work with through our Vision, Action and Multiplier grants. The list below is not comprehensive; we’ll shine a spotlight on other grants partners as news arrives about their work in coming months. Finally, we are also in debt to the many projects we are unable to fund; all of you are part of an amazing ecosystem of activity that makes life in this diverse state better for many.

An end of year thanks to grantee partners seems due; and here’s to a great, productive upcoming year ahead!

The Team at Illinois Humanities

(Note that Illinois Humanities also has launched additional, time-sensitive grants programs in recent years: Illinois Speaks micro-grants, “Forgotten Illinois” grants, Envisioning Justice storytelling grants, and others.)

If you have questions or would like to add your project from an Illinois Humanities grant, please contact Mark Hallett at