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Studs Terkel "Humanities Heroes" Announced

CHICAGO – The Illinois Humanities Council, in conjunction with Illinois mayors, is proud to announce the recipients of the Third Annual Studs Terkel Humanities Service Awards. These local "humanities heroes" were selected by their mayors for their outstanding efforts to champion the humanities in their communities. Through these awards, the IHC was able to recognize the exemplary efforts of 81 individuals from all over the state who furthered the understanding of the humanities in their communities.

The IHC could not have identified the 81 Studs Terkel medalists without the help of Illinois mayors," said IHC Executive Director Kristina Valaitis. "These champions of the humanities make their communities and our whole state more vibrant."

Recipients were selected for their service in the humanities. The majority of these recipients was involved in creating awareness about local and/or regional history in their communities through the establishment of historical societies or museums. Others were noted for their outstanding dedication to education, formal and informal; to literacy and library programs; and to creating awareness for cultural heritage, music, literature, and the arts.

By recognizing their efforts, the IHC also encouraged others, notably local government, to pay more attention to the humanities. The awardees of the Studs Terkel Humanities Service Award will receive an engraved medal of recognition at ceremonies held in their communities this fall. Please contact the Mayor or Village Presidentís office for ceremony dates and times.

Named after the prize-winning oral historian and author, Studs Terkel, the awards reflect the spirit of this prominent son of Illinois. Terkel, a modern-day renaissance man who has been an actor, playwright, jazz columnist, film narrator and disc jockey, is most admired for documenting 20th-century America through the words and voices of ordinary people. Ordinary people who, like the recipients of the Studs Terkel Humanities Service Awards, have done exceptional things in their communities. Attached is a list of the awardees, the towns in which they live, and the mayors who nominated them.

For additional information about the Studs Terkel Humanities Service Awards, contact the IHC at 312-422-5580 or email You can also visit our website at

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