Past Event

Yellow Peril Past and Present: Understanding Asian America through Personal and Historical Stories

A Road Scholar Program by Ada Cheng

Road Scholar Ada ChengThis highly interactive presentation/performance offers an exciting mixture of intimate personal storytelling and mini presentations packed with historical information. Dr. Ada Cheng will weave personal stories to highlight the myth of the model minority, the image of the perpetual foreigner, practices of othering via micro-aggression, and the negative impact of stereotypes and practices on Asian Americans and their mental health under the global pandemic.

Along with intimate storytelling, Ada will present, from a historical perspective, the various laws and regulations that have contributed to the construction of Asian Americans as the “other” in this country historically.

This event is Free and Open to the public. For more information, please contact Eileen Castro at

Galesburg Public Library COVID-19 Policy

Our precautions will depend on the mandates and the number of COVID cases in IL at the time of the presentation. As of now, our library does not require masks or proof of vaccinations, but masks are encouraged.

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