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World Cup 2014: When soccer & politics collide

Bárbara da Silva, an educator and Brazilian activist, will be joining us as our guest speaker.

From “There Will Be No World Cup: Brazil on the Brink”

“Maria das Dores Cirqueira, 44, a coordinator for the MTST, told the Los Angeles Times: “For people just tuning in, the idea that people in Brazil would be protesting the 2014 World Cup makes about as much sense as New Yorkers rebelling against pizza. And yet here we are, less than one month before the start of the Cup, and demonstrations bear the slogan #NãoVaiTerCopa, or “There will be no Cup.” “When the government told us we would host the World Cup, we hoped there would be improvements for us. But they aren’t putting on a Cup for the people, they’re putting on a Cup for the gringos.”

Questions for Consideration:​

In hosting the World Cup, what are some of the issues folks are protesting about? With a small number of families owning the media, reportedly about 80 percent of the nation’s 330 television stations, how does that present challenges for the Brazilian media and news consumers?What are the implications, either positive or negative, of hosting major international sporting events like the World Cup? What kind of community-centric alternatives to the World Cup can we imagine? 
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