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Women and War: Perceptions and Reality

Join us for the second installation in our two-part series on Women and War, in partnership with Goodman Theatre. This conversation will explore the experiences of female soldiers/veterans and features Iris Feliciano, Veteran Community Liaison at the National Veterans Art Museum and former U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sargeant.

For more information about the first part in this series, click here.

From “Women In War:’I’ve Lived Out There With The Guys’ by Rachel Martin

“During the past 10 years, the roles women play in the military have changed. More than 200,000 women have served in the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and many of them have found themselves in direct ground combat situations, despite a Pentagon policy that’s designed to prevent that from happening. ‘This will be the first generation of veterans where large segments of women returning will have been exposed to some form of combat,’ Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen said Last year. ‘And I know what the law says and I know what it requires, but I’d be hard pressed to say that any woman who serves in Afghanistan today or who’s served in Iraq over the last few years did so without facing the same risks of their male counterparts.'”

Questions for Consideration

What obstacles, if any, do women in the military face? How has the role of women in the military changed? Why might it be important to pay attention to the unique experiences of women in the service? How can we achieve gender equality in the military? What can be done to support female soldiers and veterans?  

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