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Whole Foods in Englewood: How Is or Isn't Chicago Combating Food Deserts in Our Neighborhoods?

From “Experts: New Chicago Food Desert Numbers Not As ‘Rosy’ As Emanuel Says” by Ellyn Fortino

“According to the Emanuel administration, there are currently 79,434 food deserts in Chicago, which is down from 100,159 in June 2011. Those working on the ground to combat food-access issues in Chicago were pleased to hear food deserts have declined, but they noted that the new numbers are not as sweet as they appear. Adding new grocery stores, urban farms and farmers markets in certain communities may provide residents with better access to healthy foods, but that alone won’t solve the food desert problem, experts say… Physical access to fresh food is just one of a myriad of factors that determines whether someone lives in a food desert.”

Questions For Consideration:

What role can individuals and communities play in bringing healthier options to their neighborhoods? What are the intended (and unintended) effects of placing mainstream grocers in food deserts? How are north and south side neighborhoods effected differently by the inequality in food access? In what ways can Mayor Emanuel do a better job of decreasing the disparities in food access?

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