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Who is Herman Cain?

From “Why Herman Cain supporters are sticking with him” by Liz Marlantes

“In the last day or so since the Herman Cain sexual harassment allegations broke, it appears Herman Cain’s supporters are sticking by their man. We still think the reported allegations – and Cain’s shifting responses – may in the end seriously undercut his core strengths: likability and straight talk…. so far, the conservative base seems to be rallying behind him – t reating the matter as an outrageous smear campaign ginned up by a political opponent and/or the liberal media establishment.”

Questions for Consideration

What matters more for a politician: ethics or policy? What accounts for Cain’s popularity? Is he here to stay or is he a flash in the pan? What role should the media have in bringing claims against politicians, like sexual harassment, to light? How does race factor into the public’s reception of Cain? Who is Herman Cain representing?

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