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What's Popular About Genetics?

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Popular movies such Gattaca and The Boys From Brazil generally represent genetic science as harmful, rarely helpful.

How accurately have popular movies, television, books approached the science and ethics of genetics? How have they shaped our fears or our hopes?

Our speakers will talk about how the culture, rhetoric, and ethics of science are transmitted via both popular science and media.


  • Wayne Grody, Professor, Medical Genetics and Molecular Pathology, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), School of Medicine
  • Priscilla Wald, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English, Duke University, Center for the Study of Medical Ethics and the Humanities; Center for Genome Ethics, Law and Policy
  • Moderated by: William Savage, Ph.D, Senior Lecturer in English, Department of English, Northwestern University

This program is presented in partnership with Columbia College Chicago.

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