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What's in your water?

Café Society will meet at Ron’s Barber Shop on Friday, January 14

From Safe water…from a bottle or filtration by Irene Lane

The NRDC’s (National Resources Defense Council) conclusion after testing more than 1,000 bottles of 103 brands of bottled water was that there was “no assurance t hat just because water comes out of a bottle it is any cleaner or safer than water from the tap”. About one-third of the waters tested contained high levels of contamination–including synthetic organic chemicals, bacteria, and arsenic.

Questions for Consideration

Do you know where your bottled water comes from, how it’s treated and what toxins it might contain? How can we better educate ourselves to be more informed consumers of bottled water or any products we purchase? Do you drink bottled water or tap water and why? What are some reasons why it might be important to reduce our bottled water consumption? What are the environmental consequences of packaging, producing, and shipping bottled water? What kind of role should the government play in regulating bottled water companies?

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