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What's at stake in the NATO G-8 summits?

From “G8’s Actual Purpose, Relevance Overlooked In Protest Debate” by Matthew Blake 

“Chicago’s political and business leadership and some local social activists have focused much attention on the upcoming NATO and G8 summits, held May 19 to May 21 at McCormick Place Convention Center. But the focus is on summit-related issues, like much anticipated protests, security costs, and what the summit might do for the city’s tourism and global reputation. Little is said about the summits themselves, particularly the G8, which has been a placeholder for representing Chicago’s potential as an international hub along as well as the problems with global policy making and local law enforcement.” 

Questions for Consideration

How does NATO and G-8 impact our every day lives? How will the summits help or hurt Chicago? What do you think about the new city ordinances tightening protest rules? Where do you plan to be on May 19-21?

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