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Wanted: Voters

“America’s first National Voter Registration Day came and went last September with the visibility and impact of a gnat on an elephant’s back. The admirable goal of the organizers was to use rallies, teach-ins and celebrity media spots and appearances to highlight the little-known fact that nearly 50 million voting-age Americans aren’t registered, including more than 2 million here in Illinois…The Illinois primary is just over a week away, with key nominations at stake, including governor, but if “past is prologue,” as Shakespeare wrote, our flagging democracy will take another hit — this one from registered voters who don’t show up at polling places to perform their most basic democratic obligation.”
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Get ready for another miserable voter turnout” by Andy Shaw 
Questions For Consideration:
Why do voters tune out to electoral politics?  How could the new law that allows 17-year-olds to vote aid in voter turnout? Has new technology helped or hurt voter participation? Do you, as a voter, have the information you need to make thoughtful choices in the voting booth? Do you/can you rely on the news media to help you make those choices? 
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