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"Waiting for Superman"

Café Society will meet at Valois on Thursday, October 7.

From “Fixing Education: Lessons from Waiting for Superman & a Visit to the Harlem Children’s Zone” by Ellen Galinsky:

The documentary is intended to inspire us to act on the belief that “together we can fix education” and with a call-to-action web site. If ever there was a film that could move the debates about education front and center, this one can. There are also flaws in Waiting for Superman….Twenty-four hours since I left the movie, there is one glaring flaw that I simply can’t shake. It’s the animated image of teachers opening children’s heads and pouring knowledge in. It reflects a deeply held cultural assumption that children are empty vessels to be filled with facts, figures, and information — an idea that is totally at odds with the science of learning.

Questions for Consideration: How does class background, poverty, and access to health care and stable housing impact the kind of education kids get? What role have teachers unions played in our schools and how they educate our kids? What role do standardized tests play in driving the school reform discussion? What is the difference between school reform and school renewal? What kinds of support systems could help increase student learning? What makes a good or a bad teacher? Who’s responsible for the state of public schools today? How can schools at any level and in any community be improved? “In the state of Illinois, our children are being held hostage based on their zip codes, and we know that is unfair,” said state senator Jacqueline Collins. What does she mean and how can this be changed?

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