Past Event

Voice of the Whale

Inspired by recordings of humpback whale songs, George Crumb created one of the classics of 20th-century music.

Vox Balanae (Voice of the Whale)–scored for amplified flute, cello, and piano–evokes the mysteries of the deep through virtuosic performances and special effects. Crumb asks the flutist to play as well as vocalize into the instrument; uses the cello to imitate the haunting cries of a seagull; and deploys the pianist to pluck strings through the piano’s open lid.

The consummate musicians in this performance are flutist Claire Chase, founder of the International Contemporary Ensemble and 2012 MacArthur Fellow; Chicago Symphony cellist Katinka Kleijn; and New York–based pianist Jacob Greenberg.

Andrew Patner of WFMT and the Chicago Sun-Times guides us through their voyage.

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