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Vatican clash with 'Radical' U.S. Nuns

Dr. Prudence Moylan, Professor of History at Loyola University Chicago and formerly a part of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) congregation, will be joining us as our guest speaker.

From “Accused U.S. nuns meet Vatican leaders over rebuke” by Philip Pullella

“The Vatican on Tuesday sternly told leaders of American nuns who were accused of being too feminist and politicized that their group ‘remains under the supreme direction of the Holy See’. The nuns, who requested the meeting to face Roman Catholic doctrinal officials over the accusations, said they would go back to the United States to decide their next move…Many nuns said they were hurt by the Vatican’s report, which they felt misunderstood their intentions and work for social justice. But the American nuns received a groundswell of support from Catholics and the media in the United States who defended their work with the poor and sick.”

Questions for Consideration

How are the Catholic Church’s traditional teachings different from the work that American Catholic nuns are doing?  How might the Vatican’s investigation impact the way American nuns conduct their lives? What would a split from the Vatican look like for nuns in the U.S.? Do you think the church is correct in denouncing a book on sexual ethics that supports gay sex, female masturbation and divorce? Why or why not? 

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