Past Event

Unfold exhibit and climate change

Café Society will meet at the Glass Curtain Gallery on Wednesday, March 30

This Cafe Society discussion is centered around the Glass Curtain Exhibit called “U-N-F-O-L-D”

From “The cultural response to climate change” by Kerry Reid

“Chicago: the unseasonably warm mid-March temperatures have turned the historic blizzard of February into a distant memory. But the last melting vestiges of the Great Snow, as well as the ongoing crises with Japan’s nuclear power plants after last week’s earthquake and tsunami, created a poignant backdrop for the North American premiere of the U-N-F-O-L-D exhibition at Columbia College Chicago this week. The “cultural response to climate change”, which has already been seen in several exhibits in the UK, brings together the work of 25 artists who participated in the Cape Farewell expeditions to the high Arctic, and later the Andes, where they examined first-hand the effects of global warming.”

Questions for Consideration

Since it is likely that our reliance on fossil fuels will eventually end, what would a post-fossil fuel world look like? How can artists express/demonstrate the effects of climate change through art? How are we all affected by climate change? What responsibility do we have to our environment? How can we change our behavior to sustain our planet?

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