Past Event

Two From the Trailer Court

“Two From the Trailer Court” retells the Cinderella and Salome stories as presented by a fictional community theatre, in a fictional trailer court, in the fictional town of Azalea, in the very real state of Georgia. Both of the stories take place in the The Wishing Well Trailer Court in 1987.

Dirty Girl is a musical comedy one act following a girl who wishes she could go to the prom when her fairy god cousin through marriage appears and gives her the 80s prom of her dreams. Faced with the popular jock, the nerd, and the popular cheerleaders, she quickly learns that the real world can be better than fairytales.

Based on Oscar Wilde’s, Salome, Salome Goes All the Way! is a one act musical tragedy about a prominent televangelist family celebrating the patriarch’s birthday. Pining for his stepdaughter — and niece — to dance for him, the birthday boy is thrown when in exchange she asks for the head of John the Baptist on a silver platter.

Tickets ($15) can be purchased online for a small fee or at the door.

Performances are every Friday and Saturday evening from October 5 – November 10, 2012.

Unfortunately, this show is not handicapped accessible.

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