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Due to overwhelming response for this activity, we are no longer accepting reservations. This activity as well as others in the Einstein’s Revolutions program series will be available for streaming at In addition, other activities in this series are still open for registration.

Einstein’s theories of relativity revolutionized how we think about time. In his universe, time passes at a different speed relative to the position and the velocity of the observer. Einstein’s ideas have been dramatically confirmed by experiments but puzzles remain. Sean Carroll will discuss science’s present understanding of time and how current research might alter our understanding once again. David Albert and Antonia Contro will respond with philosophy’s and art’s present understandings of time.


  • Sean Carroll, Department of Physics at the Enrico Fermi Institute and Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics at The University of Chicago
  • David Albert, Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University and author of Time and Chance and Quantum Mechanics and Experience
  • Antonia Contro, Visual Artist and Executive Director at the Marwen Foundation

The Museum of Contemporary Art and Chicago Public Radio are co-presenters for this program, and Gretchen Helfrich, host of WBEZ’s Odyssey program, will moderate this discussion.

Please Note: We will release reserved seats 10 minutes before all IHC programs begin if registered attendees have not yet arrived.

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