Past Event

The Yale Indian Paper Project

On Tuesday, September 25, 2012 (6:00 pm in room 400 of the Richardson Library; a reception will precede at 5:30 pm), Paul Grant-Costa, Executive Editor of the Yale Indian Papers Project, and Assistant Executive Editor Tobias Glaza will present:“Access and Collaboration: The Challenges of Editing Native American Documents.”New England Native peoples have survived for well over four hundred years, and so have documents relating to their history and culture. Much of that record has remained unpublished and difficult to access. The Yale Indian Papers Project, together with its partners, have developed the virtual archive that is the New England Indian Papers Series Database, a robust database and web interface that allows researchers greater access to these materials through facsimile images and two levels of transcription combined with scholarly commentary. Despite an overwhelmingly positive response from both the native and non-native research community, a project of this nature is not without its challenges, including logistical and technical issues, conservation and preservations concerns, and forging and maintaining relationships with Tribes and contributing institutions. The very process of editing Native American primary source materials, in itself, can present a number of dilemmas, such as giving voice to a Native frame of reference, understanding Native sensibilities towards particular documentary items, and incorporating Native ideas of history into textual annotations. These challenges, among others, are explored in this presentation by Paul Grant-Costa and Tobias Glaza.

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