Past Event

The Way LaSalle County Worked

Learn about “The Way LaSalle County Worked” at an open house hosted by the LaSalle County Historical Museum.

Take a tour led by special guests: a coal miner, a canal digger, a dial painter, and a train conductor.

The docents will take you on a journey through exhibits featuring LaSalle County’s industries, including piano manufacturing, military, ship buliding, clock production, silica, clay and coal mining, canal construction, and the railroad.

You are also invited to explore the other museum bulidings, such as the schoolhouse, where you will learn about life as a one-room schoolhouse teacher.

Also, our blacksmith will be demonstrating his craft in our very own blacksmith shop!

Finally, visit the museum’s barn to learn all about agriculture in the county from a real-life farmer.

This event is open to the public. $2 suggested donation.
For more information contact the Canal Corridor Association at (815) 223-1851.