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The Unknown Consequences of Fracking - Is Oil Worth It?

Jessica Fujan, Midwest Organizer for Food and Water Watch, will be joining us as our guest speaker in Chicago. 

From Art Daily: “Fractured: North Dakota’s Oil Boom” is Field Museum’s latest exhibit

“New methods of horizontal drilling and fracking – injecting fluids deep into shale to unlock petroleum — have made this [current oil] boom happen. Rising oil production brings prosperity to some, but heartbreak to others whose lands are damaged. As thousands of people are pouring into the state because of an abundance of jobs, the prairie is increasingly fragmented by wells, pipelines, and other oil operations….This drilling process alters prairie habits and could bring catastrophic global warming ever closer, but it also offers temporary fiscal stability to the state and may help make the United States energy independent.”

Questions for Consideration 

With all of the recent attention concerning fracking, how worried are you about the threat of increased global warming? How can we, as a society, better weigh the risks and benefits of economic boom versus environmental health? What responsibility does the media or government have to educate the public about the risks of fracking?

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