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The Right to (Secretly) Bear Arms

From The Chicago Tribune Permit to Carry Gun, No License to Shoot By Dahleen Glanton and Dan Hinkel

This spring, law-abiding residents of Illinois will be able to walk the streets with a loaded gun. But those who decide to carry concealed weapons will have to grapple with a tough question: When is it appropriate to pull the trigger? The answer, according to some firearms experts, isn’t always easy to figure out. And the legal and emotional consequences of making a bad decision can be dire.

Questions for Consideration

How do you feel about the Concealed and carry law?  In what ways do you think this law can contribute to or decrease gun violence? Carrying guns is not allowed by the law, in places such as libraries, parks, and mass transit buses and trains. How can the enforcement of the law work effectively in some places as opposed to others? What are some  scenarios that might warrant someone using their concealed weapon? What are alternatives to using a firearm when in imminent danger? 

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