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How do you characterize the artwork of a nation? Or even on a slightly smaller scale: the artwork of a city?

Curator Michael Scott Hall attempts to tackle this question—the elusive idea of "Viennese" art—by bringing together a variety of Vienna-based artists.

Coming from different backgrounds, generations, and artistic positions, the artists will participate in what Hall has described as "a conceptual gallery on fast-forward."

THE PROGRAM is structured as a series of smaller exhibitions that rotate biweekly, to be seen independently from one another and also as elements of a single project. The fast-paced rotation of the artwork enables a historicizing process of remembering and forgetting the specific details of earlier versions of the show while looking at the present version and reading about what is to come in future versions.

It provides the audience with an opportunity to see how different artistic positions can be presented and then re-contextualized, how patterns form and break, how repetition occurs and runs amuck, and how new meanings can be produced and re-produced.

On display from Friday, September 6 through Saturday, October 19
Hours: Tuesdays – Fridays from 10a – 6p and Saturdays from Noon – 6p

There will be three receptions held in conjuction with this exhibit from 5 – 7p on Friday, September 6; Friday, September 20; and Friday, October 4, 2013

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