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The Odyssey Project: Northside Basic Course

***This is a year-long course beginning in September, open only to selected applicants. Applications for next year’s class will be available on this website beginning in June 2009.***

The Odyssey Project is a college-level course in philosophy, literature, art history, and history for men and women living below 150% of the poverty level.

Its anchor program is the first-year course, which is offered in partnership with Bard College and for which students may receive six units of college credit.

Faculty members are largely from first-rate universities such as University of Chicago, the School of the Art Institute, and DePaul University.

Tuition is free, and the Illinois Humanities Council provides free childcare, free books, and transportation. The six units of credit are fully transferable to other colleges and universities.

This course meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Admission is by application only
. Refer to syllabus for changes in course schedule.

For more information, contact Amy Thomas Elder at 312.422.5585 ext. 223 or via email at