Past Event

The Neighborhood You Make with Nicole Marroquin

stairs and fence close-up of the Victorian home of Yolanda Anderson built in 1894Each building tells the story of its residents as they construct the neighborhoods they want to live in. Through murals, gardens, creative repairs, resourceful additions, and simple care, everyone is a designer of this city.

Artist Nicole Marroquin will lead a hands-on ceramics workshop to recreate your own favorite neighborhood building — whether it’s your family home, a beloved community center, or a building that’s been lost to development or time.

As Humboldt Park, Logan Square, Hermosa and many other Chicago neighborhoods face losing their character, culture, and affordability, join us to share your stories, memories and art so we can celebrate and document what is at stake.

Buildings made at this event and their stories will be on display at Read/Write Library and available for pickup beginning in February 2019.

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