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The Most Dangerous Woman in America

Café Society will meet at Chicago Cultural Center on Wednesday, September 15.

Special guest Lisa Lee, Director of the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum, will kick off this week’s discussion at the Chicago Cultural Center in honor of Jane Addams 150th birthday. To celebrate, we will have cupcakes and a raffle of the new Intelligentsia blend coffee for Hull-House Museum, the ‘most dangerous coffee in America.’  

From “Celebrating a Radical” by Lisa Pevtzow, Special to the Chicago Tribune

“Jane Addams was a pacifist, a suffragist and a leftist, who helped found the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the American Civil Liberties Union. She created the first public kindergarten, the first playground and the first homeless shelter for women in Chicago….Addams was born Sept. 6, 1860, to a wealthy family in Cedarville, Ill. Most people today think of Addams as the patron saint of social work, a Victorian do-gooder who helped the working poor of the industrial Near West Side, said [Louise] Knight and several of Addams’ advocates.

‘We like to sanitize iconic heroes. Jane Addams was radical and fought against norms of the time,’ said [Lisa] Lee. ‘She believed in a common good, in which we all had a stake in each other’s future. No one is more relevant than Jane Addams.’ Because of her pacifism and social activism, the FBI compiled a huge dossier on Addams and considered her one of the most dangerous women in America…”

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