Past Event

The Magic Carpet: Stories and Songs from Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt

A Road Scholar Program by Heineman and Marcotte

Take a magic carpet ride to ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt in story and song with storyteller Judith Heineman and musician Daniel Marcotte in an engaging and interactive performance. Learn how tales like Star Wars and Harry Potter got their start. Hear of ancient quests, magic, monsters, epic battles between good and evil, and how mummies are made. Replica artifacts, early musical instruments (the oud), and period costumes enhance their lively presentation. The epic story of the world’s first superhero, Gilgamesh, deals with the basic qualities of what it means to be human-courage, strength, friendship, loss, betrayal, death, and the quest for immortality. It lay hidden for over 4500 years until it was literally unearthed about 150 years ago. This program brings these lost stories to life.

This event is Free and Open to the public. For more information, please contact Carole Krucoff, 773.702.9507.