Past Event

The Illinois French Season of Carnival: La Guillannee to Le Mardi Gras

A Road Scholar Program by Dennis Stroughmatt

La Guillannee is not only a day of celebration and feasting amongst the Illinois French on New Year’s Eve, but it also marks the beginning of the season known as “Carnival.” Usually associated with Brazil and even Louisiana, this event is a well-known and cherished cultural treasure that has also been practiced by Creoles in the Illinois country of “Upper Louisiana” for over three centuries. Dig deeper into the western European and Celtic nature of Carnival, how it encompasses La Guillannee and Le Mardi Gras, the Illinois French Creole songs performed, and the festivals still held in the Midwest.

This event is Free and Open to the public. For more information, please contact Jan Lohaus, 815.437.2142.