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The Ebola Scare: Is Media Covering it Responsibly?

In recent weeks, issues surrounding the Ebola virus have filled news sites.
  • The apology and settlement from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital to the family of the late Thomas Eric Duncan (only U.S. victim of Ebola)
  • The release of Dr. Craig Spencer from Bellevue Hospital Center in New York after recovering from Ebola
  • The $6.2 billion aid President Barack Obama requested of Congress for Ebola related-funds
  • The nurse in Maine, Kaci Kickox, who was refusing quarantine after she tested negative for Ebola
Questions for Consideration

  • To what degree does American news media coverage reflect a genuine threat? 
  • Who is responsible for educating the public about Ebola?
  • How do you feel about the $6.2 billion request in emergency funds to fight the spread of Ebola
  • How do you believe the U.S. media has covered news about the Ebola virus? 
  • Do you feel the U.S. public response to one death domestically and 5,000 deaths in Africa reflects isolationism? 

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