Past Event

Ted Diamond: American Flag Series Exhibit

The Ted Diamond: American Flag Series exhibition features color photos that document simulations of the American Flag to explore and question aspects of American Popular Culture.

Diamond‘s documentary photographic series couples his acute observation and thoughtful insight with dynamic compositions and compelling imagery to reveal both ingenuous and disingenuous intent in the uses of patriotic symbols. Regarding the visual and emotional reactions to his work, he states “Some are just remnants of 9/11. Others are deeply meaningful to those who have created them and some are commercial plays on that meaning.”

Exhibit displays on weekdays from 9AM – 4PM on August 19 thru October 5, 2013 on days the College is open.

For more information, contact Danell Dvorak, Gallery Coordinator, at, call Heartland’s Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Division at (309) 268-8620, or visit: