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Syria & American Foreign Policy

From The Guardian: “Americans are no longer interested in policing the world” by Michael Cohen

“After 12 years of endless war; after Afghanistan, after Iraq, after Libya, after the drones in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, the American people have had enough. There is perhaps no better explanation for the rather remarkable situation unfolding right now in Washington…It is an extraordinary turn of events and one that goes so strongly against the currents of recent history that it may come to represent a sea change, not just in how the US employs military force in the future but in the very construct of American foreign policy.”

Questions For Consideration:

Do you think measures taken by the American government are helping or heightening the national conflict within Syria? Is the designation of the U.S. as the world’s super cop helpful or harmful and why? What are non-violent alternatives to U.S. military intervention in Syria? Can a single country ever have the moral authority to act unilaterally? Should the U.S. champion a ban on chemical weapons in every country in the region?

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