Past Event

Sustaining Ourselves: Cooperatives and Democracy

Jessica Gordon Nembhard, author of Collective Courage, will be joining us as our guest speaker.
“If you happen to be looking for your morning coffee near Golden Gate Park and the bright red storefront of the Arizmendi Bakery attracts your attention, congratulations…Of the $3.50 you hand over for a latte (plus $2.75 for the signature sourdough croissant), not one penny ends up in the hands of a faraway investor. Nothing goes to anyone who might be tempted to sell out to a larger bakery chain or shutter the business if its quarterly sales lag. Instead, your money will go more or less directly to its 20-odd bakers, who each make $24 an hour — more than double the national median wage for bakers. On top of that, they get health insurance, paid vacation and a share of the profits.”
From “Who Needs a Boss?” by Shaila Dewan
Questions for Consideration
What are cooperatives? How is the cooperative model different from a regular business? How can worker coops mitigate poverty? What is the relationship between cooperatives and community growth? Why might cooperatives be important for our democracy? Have you heard much about cooperatives from the media? What kinds of coverage would help you learn more about cooperatives and their role in our economy?
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