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Super Bowl America

On Sunday, February 4th, millions of Americans will watch the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl. As one of the biggest celebrations with the widest television audiences of the year, Super Bowl Sunday is a part of American culture. Why do so many of us come together for this event? Many people who do not necessarily watch football during the regular season carve their plans out around this one day in February. What is the significance of the Super Bowl to American culture?

Men and women of all racial identities, economic backgrounds, religious beliefs, and political affiliations will gather in households and bars across the nation. Why do people who may not normally have anything in common all watch this particular game? Is there a lasting effect of this communal event? Does the Super Bowl bring us together as a nation or is that an illusion? Although we might find ourselves talking to strangers on the train or the elevator about the “big game on Sunday,” do we still end up watching the game with people who look and think the sameway we do?

A special significance of the Super Bowl this year is the racial identities of the head coaches, Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy. They are the first African-Americans to lead teams in the Super Bowl. While African-American players have been making their way on the field in greater numbers, there are still only a handful of African-Americans trusted to coach in the league. Although Lovie Smith was named the top coach last year, he is still the lowest paid head coach in the NFL. How will this breakthrough by Smith and Dungy affect the league?

Join us this week at Café Society to discuss these questions about the Super Bowl, and, of course, share whether you think the Bearsare going towin!

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