Past Event

Starving for Justice: Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strike

From Policymic: “Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strikes: Will Force-Fed Prisoners Push Congress to Close the Prison?” by Addison Williams

“One month ago, they were 37. 37 disgruntled, angry, desperate inmates of Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp who banded together to protest the U.S. interrogation facility in the form of a hunger strike. In the 30 days since then, the number of strikers has skyrocketed to 100, 100 of the naval base’s 166 prisoners…President Obama promised to close the controversial detention camp under his ensuing presidency. Six years later, not a single inmate transfer has been made and the base is no closer to ending its detentions. And on top of that, eighty-six prisoners have since been cleared for release, though not a single has left. Only six prisoners are still facing military commissions. Compare that number to the over one hundred prisoners who have taken to the growing hunger strike. It’s a silent protest to hasten the process promised by our politicians”

Questions for Consideration 

Why should or shouldn’t Guantanamo prison be closed? How has the hunger strike been effective in amplifying the voices of Guantanamo’s prisoners? What impact might the hunger strike have on the fate of Guantanamo? Is force feeding an appropriate response by the U.S. government, why or why not? How worried are you about the threat of terrorism? What can be done to combat global violence and terrorism?

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