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Standardized testing: the future of education?

From “Chicago Teachers Strike and Standardized Tests” by Marvin Marshall

“Recent legislation passed by the Illinois legislature requires that scores from standardized tests be used for teacher accountability and performance.To someone not in the education field, this mandate may seem reasonable. However, most people don’t realize that standardized tests were never designed to measure learning. Standardized tests were designed so that half of the test takers will fall below the 50 percent line…Additionally, standardized tests are not reliable because they oftentimes do not get consistent results. (The same students taking the same test score differently.)”  

Questions for Consideration
What’s your take on standardized testing and whether it fosters or hinders learning? How can and should teachers be evaluated for their performance in the classroom? What impact has the teachers’ strike in Chicago had on the future of public education, locally and nationally? 

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