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Southern Illinois Wonders presents "The Southern Baptist Divison of 1993" featuring Ryan Burge

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As part of its radio program series, Southern Illinois Wonders, produced by WSIU Public Broadcasting, the IHC presents “The Southern Baptist Divison of 1993” featuring Ryan Burge.

On this week’s Southern Illinois Wonders, Ryan Burge discusses a theological controversy that occurred in 1993 at the flagship seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention, a church body widely represented in southern Illinois. He examines the intellectual and social contexts surrounding it and some of the broader issues that it raises.

This conversation will air at 6:30a, 8:30a, and 5:29p on Wednesday, May 7th on WSIU 91.9FM / WUSI 90.3FM / WVSI 88.9FM.

Ryan Burge is both an instructor of political science at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston and the senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Mount Vernon. A graduate of Greenville College, he holds the Ph.D. in political science from SIU Carbondale, where he was a post-doctoral fellow in the Paul Simon Institute for Public Policy. He often writes and speaks about intersections of religious life and political activity in the United States.

Special thanks to the staff of WEIU 88.9 FM in Charleston for their assistance in recording this program.

This event is part of Southern Illinois Wonders, a series of five-minute radio programs produced by WSIU Public Broadcasting in which authors, scholars, and artists explore humanities topics and themes relating to southern Illinois on Wednesdays at 6:30a, 8:30a, and 5:29p on WSIU 91.9FM / WUSI 90.3FM / WVSI 88.9FM.

Southern Illinois Wonders will return this fall as a monthly series. Stay tuned for more information.




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