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Southern Illinois Wonders presents "The Farmers' Movement of 1873" featuring Jane Adams

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As part of its radio program series, Southern Illinois Wonders, produced by WSIU Public Broadcasting, the IHC presents “The Farmers’ Movement of 1873” featuring Jane Adams.

Jane Adams will speak on the Farmers’ Movement of 1873 in Southern Illinois at 6:30a, 8:30a, and 5:29p on Wednesday, April 2nd on WSIU 91.9FM / WUSI 90.3FM / WVSI 88.9FM.

Jane Adams is a member of the Carbondale City Council and retired professor of anthropology at SIUC. Raised on a Jackson County farm, she graduated from SIUC and earned a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The author of several books, including The Transformation of Rural Life: Southern Illinois, 1890-1990 (UNC Press, 1994), she has documented the region’s agricultural history extensively. She was named Outstanding Teacher in SIUC’s College of Liberal Arts and has been active in various social action organizations, including the Carbondale Women’s Center, the Illinois Stewardship Alliance, and the American Civil Liberties Union. She and her husband, photographer D. Gorton, live in Carbondale’s Arbor District, where they have renovated several houses. For more about Jane Adams and her work, visit

This event is part of Southern Illinois Wonders, a series of five-minute radio programs produced by WSIU Public Broadcasting in which authors, scholars, and artists explore humanities topics and themes relating to southern Illinois on Wednesdays at 6:30a, 8:30a, and 5:29p on WSIU 91.9FM / WUSI 90.3FM / WVSI 88.9FM.

Southern Illinois Wonders will return this fall as a monthly series. Stay tuned for more information.




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