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Southern Illinois Wonders presents "Moonshining: Open for Business" featuring Karen Binder

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As part of its radio program series, Southern Illinois Wonders, produced by WSIU Public Broadcasting, the IHC presents “Moonshining: Open for Business” featuring Karen Binder.

On this week’s Southern Illinois Wonders, distiller and journalist Karen Binder explores the history of moonshining in southern Illinois, highlighting surreptitious spirit-making on Whoopie Cat Mountain in Hardin County in years past, as well as the altogether legal activities of her own Grand Spirits Distillery in the present.

This conversation will air at 6:30a, 8:30a, and 5:29p on Wednesday, April 23rd on WSIU 91.9FM / WUSI 90.3FM / WVSI 88.9FM.

Karen Binder is a fifth-generation resident of Jackson County. Besides exploring southern Illinois as a native, she’s also traveled the region’s roads as an agricultural and business journalist with the Southern Illinoisan, the executive director of the Illinois Grape & Wine Resources Council, and, currently, a local – and legal – craft spirits distiller.

This event is part of Southern Illinois Wonders, a series of five-minute radio programs produced by WSIU Public Broadcasting in which authors, scholars, and artists explore humanities topics and themes relating to southern Illinois on Wednesdays at 6:30a, 8:30a, and 5:29p on WSIU 91.9FM / WUSI 90.3FM / WVSI 88.9FM.

Southern Illinois Wonders will return this fall as a monthly series. Stay tuned for more information.




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