Past Event

Something To Strike About?

Anthony Cappetta, a mathematics teacher at The Chicago High School for the Arts (ChiArts) and a presenter for the Golden Apple Scholar Program, will share his perspective on the issues facing Chicago public school teachers today. Also, Sarah Jane Rhee, a photographer andparent, will present a photo slide show of the Chicago Teachers’ Union rally. 

From “Chicago Teachers Union President’s Speech at Historic Rally” by Ramsin Canon

“Nearly 6,000 members of the approximately 25,000 member union showed up to the rally on Wednesday and…they were fired up. That 30 percent of union members could be motivated to turn out, march, and rally to show their unity should have been a chilling image for the Mayor’s contract bargaining team. If talks fail, the CTU may very well have the leadership in schools across the city to secure a strike authorization vote; and if 75 percent of teachers vote for a strike, that will be a resilient strike.” 

Questions for Consideration

Why are teachers considering a strike? How can teachers be evaluated in a fair way? What kind of demands are being asked of the city? How can teachers and Chicago Public Schools work together to improve the education system? How do you feel about a possible vote in favor of a strike? 

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