Past Event

Serena Williams and Forty Years of Title IX

Amy Skeen, President and CEO of Girls in the Game, will be joining us as our guest speaker.

From “Serena Williams and Getting ‘Emotional’ for Title IX” by Dave Zirin

When Serena had to field the “emotions” question on the highest possible stage, it was for me a window into why so many women and men celebrated the recent fortieth anniversary of the passage of Title IX. There is arguably no piece of progressive legislation that’s touched more people’s lives than Title IX, which allowed young women equal opportunity in education and sports… As Serena Williams and Title IX show, when the broadest numbers of people have opportunity for success, we all benefit. But if we are going to win this kind of equality in sports and all walks of life, we all might just have to get a little bit emotional.

Questions for Consideration

Why is it necessary for all women to be given the same opportunities in sports as men? What kind of impact has Title IX had for women and sports? What kind of obstacles does the statute face with enforcement and the underrepresentation of women of color? How can Title IX serve as a model for other countries? How can the government ensure that all schools are complying with Title IX?

Want to learn more?

Amy Skeen, MSW, LCSW, President/CEO, holds her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Amy has fifteen years of experience in nonprofit program operations, specifically working with youth and families. She earned a Type 73 certificate that qualifies her to provide social work services to children with special needs in a school setting. Amy has received numerous awards for her leadership including One of Chicago’s Top Women Making a Difference for Girls, (Women Employed 2008).

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