Past Event

Screening of Film "1,000 Acres"

King Lear deals with universal questions for aging parents. How should parents relate to an adult child? What do parents “owe” their adult children? What do their adult children “owe” them? Can parents predict the consequences of their decisions? Take time to examine this ageless story.

As part of the Many Faces of King Lear Festival, Oakton Community College presents: “Screening of Film 1,000 Acres.” A discussion of this film based on Jane Smiley’s book with Karol Verson will follow the screening.

The cost of this screening/discussion is $10/person. The cost of the Festival (11 events) is $50/person. For more information, call 847.635.1411.

This event is funding in part by a mini-grant from the Illinois Humanities Council.

For more information visit Oakton Communit College online or contact Leona Hoelting at 847-635-1411.