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Sasheer Zamata & SNL's Racial Diversity Problem


From The Root: “SNL Deserves No Love for Doing the Right Thing” by Demetria Lucas
“They finally did the ‘right’ thing, but it’s what they should have done years ago. Adding a black woman to a nationally televised show that pokes fun at American culture in which black women prominently exist should have been a no-brainer. As soon as Maya Rudolph went in search of brighter horizons in 2007, the search should have been on to replace her with one or, yes, more than one black female comedian”
Questions For Consideration:
What is the problem with Sasheer Zamata being the first Black woman to be cast on Saturday Night Live in six years? How important is racial diversity  in television? What would a television cast that represents a variety of races and ethnicities look like? What are possible barriers that prevent this? How does or doesn’t “SNL’s new hire” address calls for diversity in television casting?


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